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  • Haein Kim

#MURDER Wife Gets 9 Years for Killing Husband

She wanted an annul their marriage

In Wonju, South Korea a wife was sentenced to 9 years in prison for murdering her husband. It is reported that the wife was drinking at her home with her husband and an acquaintance of her husband when an argument broke out. The wife asked for an annulment of their marriage of 10 days, when the husband declined she stabbed him with an umbrella. When the husband slouched the wife directed the acquaintance to get him up after she tied him up and taped his mouth shut. When the husband was held up however he fell banging his head against a wall and fell awkwardly on his neck. When the acquaintance told the wife her husband was unconscious and not breathing, the wife continued drinking. It was only after a while longer that she called police claiming that she came home to her husband on the floor. The judge ruled the wife guilty and sentenced her to 9 years and the acquaintance to 8 for accessory to murder. But I'm like, that's it?


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