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  • Karina Lee


Here's why k netizens think so!

A post on Korean community 'Nate' alleges that Mnet is purposely showing passive agression towards HYBE, here's why they believe the two titans of industry are BEEFING!

  1. BTS didn't attend MAMA, as this year's award show had been heavily criticized for their lineup Korean netizens are saying surely this must have caused friction.

  2. Mnet cut off TXT's speech during this year's MAMA. Innocent mistake? Maybe, not.

  3. TXT's audio gets delayed during MAMA dance break. For an audio play back to be delayed when playback is digitally controlled is incredibly rare, and for it to happen on the dance break, it screams sus!

  4. Mnet leaves out TXT in video promos for the awards, netizens say this a sure sign as TXT was definitely one of the bigger groups attending and has a strong international audience.

  5. Mnet leaves Yeonjun out of Youtube thumbnail. Really Mnet, this what we're doing?

What do you think? Is it fair to say Mnet is out for blood, or are these just a case of a really bad week?


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