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  • Cole Yoon

Mino's New Album Will Be Made With Environment Conscious Materials

Mother Earth approved.

YG announced the Mino's new album 'To Infinity' will be made with environment conscious materials.

Reported by According to YG Entertainment all printed content included in Song Min Ho's 'To INFINITY' is FSC certified, made of recycled pulp, low-carbon paper, plus water-based coating. The Air KiT version also utilized PLA material for its external packaging, while its inside content allows listeners to enjoy the album using smart devices. Only a small portion of the album will use external plastic wrapping, meaning that most of the production will abide by eco-friendly methods.

Fans applauded the label's efforts and are saying the forward thinking plan to help reduce pollution on brand for the artist. The album will come in 3 versions, yellow green and white.


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