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  • Cole Yoon


Mijoo tells all.

'First Look Magazine' uploaded to their instagram, a photoshoot with Mijoo.

When asked if she recognizes her own popularity, the star answered, "Through TVN's 'Sixth Sense', I began to enjoy variety programs. The public seems to be enjoying it as well. I'm just happy that since the program other variety programs have given me offers."

She further added, "I just try my best on set. It really is fun. I try to be as honest as possible in any given situation."

When asked why she chose Antenna, the idol replied, "It is a place where I can thrive with and work towards thriving with." The idol further added, "It is a place where there is good people, music, and laughter. It was a place that I've been seeking. Through the synergy (with Antenna) I would like to continue to work to become better."

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