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  • Cole Yoon

Meet The Netflix Korean Drama Next Up In Line To Take Over The World And Outer Space

Taking Korean Dramas to the moon, literally.

With what seems like a barrage of Korean Drama hits on Netflix like, Kingdom, Sweet Home, Squid Game, My Name, and Hellbound, surely the country will call it a year and wrap up Hellbound in a bow and take a breather. Not so fast. In fact, just over the horizon a bit yonder out than Korean Dramas are accustomed to, is Korea's grandest, most ambitious drama of 2021.

On this upcoming Christmas Eve, Netflix Korea will unleash it's first foray into blockbuster territory by going into extraterrestrial territory. 'The Silent Sea' will be an 8 episode mystery thriller featuring Korea's undisputed leading man and the gentleman who kind of started this Korean Drama wave with 'Goblin', Gong Yoo, as well as so much more than 'Cloud Atlas' star, Bae Doona. Directed by Choi Hang Yong, it is reported that the director has held onto the movie's script for 10 years before realizing its' vision with the help of extraordinary gentleman moonlighting as executive producer, Jung Woo Sung - a god tier leading man in his own right.

Not much is known about the drama as far as the actual plot. As far as thrillers go, we prefer it that way. Fans will be able to witness the 'Goblin' star's space exploits on Netflix, Christmas Eve.

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