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  • Mary Kim



A Ukrainian document containing a rumor that Captain Lee Geun, a retired Naval Special Warfare troop who left the Ukrainian International Volunteer Army, was killed is spreading around the domestic online community.

However, the document contains serious errors, so there is a high possibility that the news about the former captain's death itself is fake news.

On the 11th, on several online communities such as DC Inside and Ephem Korea, posts were posted that three Koreans were killed while conducting a special operation near Kiiu, the capital of Ukraine.

The post is a combination of the original Ukrainian text and the Korean translation. The Korean translation included the content that "Three Koreans were killed during a special operation near Kiiwu 15 km. The identity of the Korean was confirmed to be Captain Lee Mo and his team, a former veteran of the ROK Navy's Special Warfare Unit."

However, when the original Ukrainian text, which was posted along with Korean, is translated, something strange is immediately revealed.

In the Korean translation, the passage written as 'Captain Lee Mo' is 'Кап?тан т?тка'. Here, Кап?тан means captain, and т?тка is interpreted as 'aunt', meaning the sister of the parents.

In the end, the document contains an error that occurred in the process of translating the Korean word 'Captain Lee Mo' with an automatic translator.

It is highly likely that the original Ukrainian text was not translated into Korean, but Korean was translated into Ukrainian.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also never made any announcements regarding the death of Captain Lee, so it is pointed out that the credibility of the document is practically close to '0'.

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