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  • Haein Kim


For better or for worse.

The 'low-rise' fashion trend is set to return. Leading fashion brands are gradually introducing a low-rise style into their 2022 Spring/Summer collections, and celebrities have been spotted wearing it as well.

Legacy Fashion Maisons have all recently debuted a low-rise style in their 2022 Spring/Summer collection, according to industry experts. Chanel debuted a low-rise style that revealed the underwear lining just above the skirt's pelvic line. Miu Miu, an Italian luxury brand, also showcased a fashion look featuring a crop top knit and a mini-skirt worn below the waistline.

Numerous celebrities are also sporting this low-rise style. YoonA of Girls' Generation graced the cover of Elle magazine earlier this month, wearing a low-rise miniskirt that revealed her slim waistline. The low rise added sensuality to the outfit YoonA wore in the pictorial and emphasized her slim waist.

Kim Tae Ri wore a yellow blouse and a long skirt worn below her waist on her pelvic line to tvN's 'Twenty-five, Twenty-one' production presentation earlier this month. Similarly, low-rise styles can be worn without revealing the bare waist.


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