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  • Cole Yoon

Lee Young Ji Exposes Her Most Bizarre DM's

Eminem, really?

Rapper Lee Young Ji uploaded onto her IG account a post captioned, "Why is my DM box like this? Included in the post are pictures of some of her weirdest DMs.

"I have a question, can you hang your mask on your belly piercing" one creeper asked.

"Hello, this is Eminem, I love your music want to drop a collab album together?"

"Hello this is Son Heung Min, would you be free to film an episode of '1Night 2Days' with me?"

"Hope you're well, this is Korea's military. You are expected to join the military on Dec 27. Please visit your town hall and fill out the necessary paperwork", wrote another.

Lee Young Ji has been making waves since losing 12kg of weight. She has been active on her youtube channel and released Day Night ft Jay Park.


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