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  • Karina Lee


Can't win em all.

Rain and JYP has something in common, both were rejected by none other than PAPA SM himself, Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM. Both artists tried out for SM in the 90's only to be shown the door. These are some other stars that the mogul missed on.


It is well documented that Rain faced many hardships before he became the person he is today. SM was one of the labels that he auditioned for however rather than Rain, Lee Soo Man picked ShinDong for group Super Junior.

Regarding this, Rain said recently through his youtube channel, "I've met Lee Soo Man a couple of times, and always wanted to ask him why he rejected me.. but I'm sure he's busy."


Newer Kpop fans may not know this but JYP was once as big as Michael Jackson in Korea. However even he faced rejection at the hands of SM. Now one of the labels biggest competitors, JYP has said that when he auditioned Lee Soo Man was in attendance. However rather than signing the artist, PAPA SM offered to buy the song JYP sang at the audition. JYP of course denied the offer which Lee Soo Man denies ever making, even to this day.

Won Bin

The biggest heartthrob in Korea's history was also denied. In the 90's 'Won-Bin' was almost an H.O.T. member. In his freshman year of high school, the now actor auditioned for the boy group however he was rejected. What a miss!

Kim Jong Min

Kim Jong Min also auditioned for SM. He was selected but as a back up dancer. Although Kim Jong Min would become a beloved singer in his own right, something tells us fans would give SM a pass for this pass...

Actor Lee Joong Ki and legendary singer Kim Gun Mo were also rejected. Maybe Lee Soo Man's glasses weren't for show after all.


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