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Lee Min-ho, the leading man for upcoming movie 'Pachinko', revealed the behind-the-scenes story of a legendary meeting in Los Angeles with Lee Jung Jae and his lover and Chaebol Lim Se Ryung, Jung Woo-Sung, Lee Byung-Hun, and Kang Dong-Won.

On the evening of the 17th in Los Angeles, an online press interview was held with Lee Min-ho and Kim Min-ha, the protagonists of Apple TV+'s new original series 'Pachinko'.

'Pachinko' is based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same name by writer Lee Min-jin. With a story that begins with forbidden love, a man travels back and forth between Korea, Japan, and the United States, drawing an unforgettable epic of war and peace, love and parting, victory and judgment.

On this day, Lee Min-ho mentioned the LA gathering of the greatest ensemble of Korean actors which was caught on camera in November last year, rightfully gathering a lot of attention. After the '2021 LACMA (LACMA, LA County Museum) Art + Film Gala' event the Korean troupe met for a meal.

When asked about this, Lee Min-ho said, "I don't know who paid for the meal that day. I was the youngest member, so I didn't pay. I think one of the senior actors did."

In addition, Lee Min-ho showed off his affection for his close senior Lee Jung-Jae. He said, "(Lee) senior won his third (American) award three days ago. I met him then as well, but it seems that all Korean actors are pretty nonchalant. We are doing our best and appreciate there is progress. I respect senior Jung Jae. Even when I said congratulations, he casually dismissed it.

'Pachinko' consists of a total of 8 episodes, starting with the release of 3 episodes on the 25th, an episode will be shown every Friday until April 29th. It is only available on Apple TV+


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