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  • Cole Yoon


APINK forever.

A new analysis has been offered as to why A Pink member Na-Eun was unable to change her schedule in order to promote with the rest of her group mates.

Back on February 15, YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho reexamined the recent A Pink case, saying that member Chorong's school bullying incident had a big impact on the group's comeback scheduling revisions. 

Lee Jin Ho claims that "While preparing A Pink's comeback schedules, Na-Eun rejected down a slew of acting opportunities. Despite this, Chorong's lawsuit against her school bullying accuser prompted the group to postpone their reunion several times. Finally, when Na-Eun decided to pursue an acting career, A Pink's return corresponded precisely with the drama's dates."

Furthermore, according to industry sources, YG Entertainment suggested Na-Eun depart A Pink during the exclusive deal signing. The idol, on the other hand, flatly refused the suggestion, explaining, "How could I abandon a group that helped shape me into the person I am today?"

In reaction to the preceding dispute, some netizens stated,

"It seemed like IST intended to make A Pink a 5-member group and blame it all on Na-Eun."

"To be honest, it appeared that the firm was discriminating against Na-Eun. Her clothes were hideous, and she scarcely had any singing or center stage duties in the choreography."

"It was honestly just a scheduling difficulty, but people took it out of context and made up all kinds of rumors, and both parties have been vilified for a month now over this minor issue. People don't realize how difficult it is to keep a group going for 12 years. It is impossible to achieve without making sacrifices."

" The fact is that Na-Eun was serious enough about A Pink's comeback to work as hard as the rest of the members, even while there were so many people around her attempting to convince her that it would be easier for her to leave the group."

"What's funny is that the A Pink members are still great friends, yet so many random people are concerned for no reason."

"It's astonishing that people still pay this much attention to a 12-year-old group. You can tell they did an excellent job of keeping the group together just by looking at them."


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