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  • Mary Kim


She wants the hate to stop.

Lee Ji Hyun, a former Jewelry member, spoke out personally after being accused of favoring her son over her daughter. 

Lee Ji Hyun, a former Jewelry member, appeared on the February 18 episode of Channel A's child counseling show 'My Golden Kids' with her son and daughter as a family seeking counseling from Dr. Oh Eun Young. Her daughter Seo Yoon was visibly upset on this day after Lee Ji Hyun appeared to only console her son Woo Kyung. Seo Yoon then stunned viewers and the show's panel members by covering her face with a plastic bag and declaring, "I want to die." Following this broadcast, numerous netizens chastised Lee Ji Hyun for favoring her son over her daughter Seo Yoon.

Soon afterward, Lee Ji Hyun responded to these accusations with a message on her personal Instagram, stating that she does not treat her children differently. As Lee Ji Hyun put it, "Following yesterday's broadcast, many viewers expressed concern about Seo Yoon. Because Woo Kyung is the show's protagonist child, [the broadcast] shows me interacting with him more frequently, and the editing also gives the impression that I am showing him favoritism."

She continued, "I am not unlike other parents in that I make no distinction between my two children. What you see is not all there is."


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