• Mary Kim


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Netizens are raising their voice to criticize Chinese members as their labels have been blurring out the NIKE logo from their shoes.

Idols receiving criticism include AESPA's NINGNING, Seventeen's TH8, and other Chinese idols.

On the 11th, on SM Entertainment's official YouTube channel 'SMTOWN', a video titled 'Re:MASTERPIECE Special Episode' was posted.

In the video, AESPA members were stretching and preparing for practice in the choreography room for the recently released 'Dream Come True' choreography practice.

Among the members, only Ning-Ning's shoes were blurred out, attracting attention. NINGNING was allegedly wearing NIKE shoes which has literally been boycotted by China,

Nike announced last year that it would not use cotton products from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, due to allegations of forced labor. This in turn has caused the Chinese to boycott.

In addition, the content of Seventeen's own content 'Going Seventeen', which was released in May of last year, also drew attention. This is because the Nike shoes worn by The8 in the video also were blurred out.

Netizens commented, "If you're going to blur them out, shouldn't you just not wear it?", "Focusing on what is not important.", "If that's the case, don't include Chinese members", "Please forget China".

On the other hand, after the Beijing Winter Olympics, sentiment towards Chinese idols has hit an all-time low.