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  • Karina Lee



The global fandom platform UNIVERSE released Kwon Eun-bi's 'ESPER' performance video through the app and official SNS channels on the 11th.

In the released video, Eunbi Kwon presented a powerful and captivating performance with a banquet hall in the background. She also showed off major vibes by contrasting her dancers with her black and white outfits. With her sensuous choreography and facial expressions tailored to her addictive melody, she immediately catches the eyes of the viewers.

‘Esper’ is a song based on the Mumbaiton Trap genre, and it is an impressive song with a unique marimba riff and dark sound. By comparing a person with infinite potential to ‘Esper’, it contains the aspiration to challenge anything for the sake of the dream and the process of finally achieving the dream.

Immediately after its release on the 10th, the song entered 2nd place on the domestic music chart Bugs, revealing his musical skills once again.

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