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  • Mary Kim



KPOP OG DJ Koo Jun Yup, a member of CLON , surprised fans on March 8 with a surprise marriage announcement via Instagram.

On this day, the singer revealed that he had registered his marriage to Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, and the couple will now live together.

As Koo Jun Yup put it, "I'm about to marry. I intend to tie the knot that I was unable to tie 20 years ago with my girlfriend. I learned of her divorce and immediately looked up her phone number from 20 years ago in order to contact her on a whim. Fortunately, her phone number remained the same. We are at an age where we cannot afford to waste our time idly, and so I proposed that we marry. She agreed, and we will be living together following the registration of our marriage. Kindly express your congratulations on my late marriage."

Meanwhile, Koo Jun Yup's fiancée is a well-known Taiwanese actress, having starred in dramas such as 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Meteor Garden'. Koo Jun Yup previously confirmed that he and the actress dated for about a year during their youth. Meanwhile, in November 2021, Barbie Hsu filed for divorce from her ex-husband, a Chinese businessman.

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