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  • Mary Kim



Dongchimi' Baekga confessed that he was verbally abused and assaulted when he was a dancer.

In the MBN entertainment program 'Dongchimi' (hereinafter referred to as 'Dongchimi'), which was broadcast on the 12th, the 'Coyote' star was a guest.

On that day, Baekga said, "There were many cases where I didn't receive the event fee while working as a dancer," he said.

Baekga said, "Before I debuted with Koyote, I worked as a dancer. I worked with a singer and performed until dawn, but after looking at the money deposited later, I received only $10, the company the singer was signed to was huge though."

He went to the director's office and asked, "The director said, 'Whether you do a hundred or a thousand performances a day, your life is worth 10,000 won.' Everyone was so shocked." Park Ae-ri "Poppin Hyun-jun also said, 'Why don't you give me money,' and the manager said that he threw 500 won."

Baekga said, "In the end, I left that agency and went to a bigger one, but it was more difficult. I was 20 at the time, and I knew how to drive and I was the youngest, so one day they asked me to run an errand. They threw the car keys on the floor and said, 'Go get the car.'"

Baekga stated, "pride wouldn't let me pick it up. Eventually, I asked the manager to pick the key up and hand it to me, which he did. However, when I returned from the errand, the head of the choreography team called me and slapped me in the face. 25~26 in front of the team members.

Unfortunately, stories such as this aren't rare in KPOP's early generation. In the first two generations, many labels were run by the mafia and had gangsters work as managers althought it is said this has stopped only recently.


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