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  • Mary Kim


Heavy is the tiara.

When you are marrying the nation's 'First Love', be prepared cause there's going to be A LOT of haters. Sadly, this is the case for Choi Tae Joon who married Park Shin Hye, who was one of the very first 'National First Love' title holder, yes before Suzy.

Despite their lovely wedding taking place yesterday, the internet was full of detractors who are insisting Park Shin Hye 'married down', or that she could've done better.

Commenters wrote,

"I don't understand all of you guys saying Park Shin Hye could've done better when she stayed with him even when Choi Tae Joon had his scandal (for being friends of Jung Joon Young and crew of friends who were indicted during Burning Sun scandal) and then got pregnant before their wedding lol Park Shin Hye's image is what is saving her, at the end of the day she's just like him.
"Park Shin Hye could have done better"
"I don't want to say who could have done better but due to the groom being involved in the Burning Sun scandal and Park Shin Hye's image, I can't help but say she could have done better."
"Park Shin Hye is not a kid, she's a grown woman making a grown woman choice. What is there to debate, it's her decision that she's made. I'm sure she'll be able to take care of herself."

What do you think, is Choi Tae Joon forever tainted due to his involvement and close relations with those involved in the 'Burning Sun' scandal?


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