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  • Karina Lee

Korean Netizens Compare The Top Visuals Of The 4th Generation

Yuna vs Karina vs Wonyoung

The stars were out last night in Korea for the Asia Artist Awards and the 4th generation represented. Netizens are debating, even now, on which visual was the most beautiful.

"Everyone is saying that the visuals of 4th gen but that's overkill, do you not remember the visuals of 2nd and 3rd gen? Honestly (Karina) can't compare to Wonyoung and Yuna"

"Jang Won Young is killing it"

"Karina honestly looks average next to Jang Won Young"

"All three are pretty tall but WonYoung is tall AF"

"You (Karina fans) guys should be ashamed of yourself do you think the reason why no one is saying Yuna and Jang Won Young is ugly on this thread is because no one cares about them? It's obviously because anyone can see how pretty they are"

"Wait isn't Jang Won Young and Yuna natural (no plastic surgery) ????"

All three ladies completely slayed!

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