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  • Karina Lee


Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Blink Once.

It is well established in Korea that the most popular KPOP girl groups in the world are TWICE and BLACKPINK. However, although TWICE may be more popular in KOREA, it is also well established here in Korea that BLACKPINK is the more popular group internationally. With ambassadorships with CHANEL, DIOR, ST LAURANT, and CELINE, BLACKPINK's international clout is Teflon and might be the strongest of any group in the world, second only to BTS, and even that depends on which circle you ask.

That being said, however, with the success of TWICE's LA Tour and their growing fandom outside of Korea, some Korean netizens are claiming the size of the group's international fandom might not be too different.

A netizen wrote a post Korea's largest community site, titled "BLACKPINK's international fandom isn't that much bigger than TWICE's", the netizen continued

TWICE's LA tour seated the same amount of seat as BLACKPINK's and despite all the anticipation for BLACKPINK's tour, TWICE sold out their tour faster in only an hour. Album sales are similar too lol The only difference is the Billboard 100 chart records which shows TWICE at 80 and BLACKPINK at 30. You guys acted like TWICE is going to fail overseas but both groups are amazing

Fans were split with some saying that this true while others were quick to point out how BLACKPINK has transcended music genres and is now a bonafide international super group.

BLINKS aren't saying anything why are you guys instigating drama LOL I'm a TWICE fan and I don't want to compare the two. Everyone knows BLACKPINK is amazing, I just wish their fans wouldn't put TWICE down Everyone else besides KOREA there is a different level of weight to a BLACKPINK and TWICE comeback, although in KOREA it is just the opposite But BLACKPINK charted everytime after Du-Ru-Du-Ru, this is huge This is a chart of most listened to KPOP girl groups in the STATES. It shows that according to Spotify, BLACKPINK makes up 60% of girl group streams while TWICE make up only 20%

What do you think, should this even be a debate, or are there fans of both groups because they both are amazing at what they do?


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