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We pushin' T.

Most trolls shouldn't see the light of day but some deserve to be called out for spewing idiocracy. As was the case of one netizen on a Korean community forum.

On Feb 19, a netizen wrote a post on Korea's largest community board titled, "Is TAEYEON really good at singing?". In the post the netizen doubles down writing,

Rather than her singing, I think she's liked for her looks and other charms. She lacks rhythm and her vocals are throating making her a tough listen.. Are her songs really good? Even in 'Begin Again', Park Jung Hyun, Kim YoonA, AKMU Soo Hyun, I acknowledge but I don't know why TAEYEON comes out... I don't even think you can call her an artist, don't know why she has such a long career..

TAEYEON is revered in the industry as one of the top vocalists in KPOP, and has successfully crossed over from girl group to soloist. Her latest chart-topping offering, INVU, is a testament to the artists' talents. Fans hurriedly came to her rescue by commenting

Are you talking about the TAEYEON I know? Everyone but you knows that she's top tier What are you saying LOL F**king made me laugh, you ear is messed up Everybody that watches 'Begin Again' knows why she has a long career but you Idol solos usually see a little success in the beginning due to the novelty then disappear but TAEYEON has been top tier for 16 years? She's currently 2nd on real-time MELON charts and first in weekly charts, sold 138k albums without China money lol Do you think any of this is possible if she couldn't sing? By their 16th year, idols use up all the leverage their image gives them and people become sick of them but she's somehow reinventing herself every time. The fact haters are still trying to sabotage her at 34 is hilarious lol She has the most viewed clip on 'Begin Again'... LOL the whole country loves her voice If she couldn't sing she couldn't have succeeded for this long

TLDR: The netizen gets an L for disturbing the throne.

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