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He brought all the receipts.

Drama 'Snowdrop' has been embroiled in controversy from March of 2021. The sad passing of Kim Mi Soo, an actress on the show, further added to the dramas long list of woes. However on the 7th Korean movie director Jung Yoon Chul who is well known for directing movies, "Marathon" and "Warriors of the Dawn", voiced his support for the drama.

In a post on his sns, the director wrote his views stating:

"<Snowdrop> After watching the drama myself there was nothing political about it, it is a romance drama during the cold war, there is nothing more to it. A picture of the dictator in the office is the only time the former dictator appears. There are no political motives like in movie <1987>, it is simply a 'Romeo and Juliet' like tale, that is all. North spy to Korea and College student 'Han Yeri's love story in movie <Commitment>(2013) first comes to mind.
Although not about romantic love, 'Hwang Jung Min' and 'Lee Sung Min's <The Spy Gone North> also comes to mind. <Snowdrop> motif is the real occurrence of 1997's election controversy where the secret police meddled in elections. Whenever the North and South is portrayed there is a bromance that sadly must come to an end. There hasn't been any controversy then.

The director further added,

If you look further back there is <Shiri>. This movie is the ancestor of <Snowdrop>. South Korean agent 'Han Suk Kyoon' and North spy 'Kim Yoon Ji> falls in love. <Snowdrop> is just the opposite. However both projects are not political, and is just a romance during the period.
As you know <Shiri>(1999) was the start of the Hallyu Wave for Korean movie. How can we criticize a story in the 21st century that we applauded in the 20th? It's as if time is going backwards and I am dumbfounded. Of course if there were malicious intent to rewrite history we should all stand up however that is just not the case this time.

The director concluded,

Yesterday on <Snowdrop> an actress playing the friend of the protagonist died at barely 30. (I hope her last moments of acting are not edited out) For what reason, we don't know, but for her dream of an actress I offer the movie <Shiri> OST. I am sorrowed by this drama like reality.

The director then posted the lyrics to 'When I Dream' by Carol Kidd.


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