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  • Karina Lee

Korean Fans Share Why JungKook Is The Most Loved 'Maknae' In Kpop

"You can tell how loved he is, even at a glance".

Jungkook may be a world star but to his fellow members, he will always be a little brother. Korean fans decided to share all the times this was, is, and forever will be the case.

"Just like a child who was raised with lots of love, he is kind and humble" one wrote

"He's so adorable" - army

"He is so cute, even his habits of folding his foot while sitting down"

"Even my mom doesn't look at me the way they do"

"They pat him so much his head turned round"

"The child my children raised" | "He's always in between two members"

"Remember when during the Chile concert Jungkook fainted, Suga quietly wept in the bathroom"

Even my mom don't look at me with honey in her eyes,.. Whenever Jungkook says anything the members are so proud of him"

"Army can never love BTS as much as they love each other"

"Not only is he good at what he does but he tries hard as well... his personality is amiable and listens to his hyungs well so it's hard not to like him" | "When Jungkook cried because of emotions and the hyungs just look at him with adoration"

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