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  • Juice Shin



News of Inkigayo's upcoming MC change has been a hot topic with KPOP fans.

Inkigayo is one of three premier music shows in Korea, the others being Music Core, and Music Bank. As all three of these music shows have a long storied history and a special place in the hearts of all Kpop fans in Korea, it is a great big deal to be an MC of the show and an almost sure sign that you're about to become uber-famous.

This being said, fans couldn't hold their surprise when it was announced that Seo Bum Joon will be joining Noh Jung Eui and Yeonjun from TXT. As the actor is not very well known at all in Korea, fans are alleging it is his label (Hook Entertainment) who got him the job. As Hook is home to Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Yuh Jeong, Lee Seo Jin, and Park Min Young, the label holds incredible sway over broadcast companies.

Fans wrote:

"Who is Seo Bum Joon... How did he get this gig? Am I the only one wondering?"

"Not to diss Seo Bum Joon but I think his label paid the show to get him the gig, I mean he doesn't have one hit show and all of a sudden he gets this gig?"

"It seems Inkigayo doesn't care for the visuals anymore, sucks"

"Guys, calm down Inkigayo has had newcomers before, Song Kang was also an MC when he wasn't as famous"

"Who is that guy?"

"This is why Labels are so important in the industry"

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