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  • Cole Yoon


Give us BLACKPINK. Now.

YG has always had a fickle relationship with fans when it comes to their artist's promotions. This time BLINKS are up in arms, they want a full BLACKPINK comeback, now.

Rumors state the group will be coming back in March. Fans however pointed out that if they do come back in March, that would mark a full year and 6 months between albums. That is roughly the time Korean men have to spend in the military. Comments are flaming YG demanding they release the 'girls', from their 'treasure chest'.

Fans wrote, "Hello... did they go to the army? SMH LOL", "If they comeback in March, that would mark 1 Year and 6 Months, that is the time it takes for male idols to go and return from the military lol", "Don't they have to comeback at least once a year. It's not like COVID is stopping others", "1 Extra year for 'Snowdrop".."


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