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  • Mary Kim


Too Legit Too Quit.

The Korean Intellectual Property Office, together with HYBE, will conduct a crackdown on counterfeit goods related to counterfeit goods at the BTS concert to be held at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul for three days from the 10th.

From February 21st to March 14th, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, together with the Korea Music Contents Association and major domestic entertainment agencies (Hive, SM, JYP, YG), intensively monitored for counterfeit products related to K-Pop goods in major online markets. Based on the information collected during the crackdown, a planned investigation into large-scale and habitual sellers is also planned.

In September 2019, the Industrial Property Special Judicial Police of the Intellectual Property Office criminally filed criminal charges against those involved in four wholesalers who distributed counterfeit products related to BTS goods through online and offline channels and confiscated 7,600 items of trademark infringement.

“If counterfeit products related to Hallyu contents, including K-Pop, are widely distributed, there is a risk that it will have a negative impact on the image of Korea as well as trademark holders,” said Sam-Seop Moon, director of the Industrial Property Protection and Cooperation Bureau of the Intellectual Property Office. We plan to continuously monitor and crackdown on trademark infringement in cooperation with the Music Content Association.”

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