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  • Karina Lee


Eat, love, and KDRAMA.

Kim Woo Bin recently spoke with Esquire about his upcoming projects, reflected on his happiest moments, and more!

Kim Woo Bin revealed that filming for "Alien" concluded last year and moved on to discuss his upcoming drama "Our Blues," for which he recently completed filming his parts. Noh Hee Kyung's drama is described as having an "omnibus" format, which refers to a drama in the style of short stories with standalone episodes. The drama will feature seven central characters, each of whom will receive their own episode. "Each character has their own main episode," he explained. Each character will also appear in the episodes of other characters. I believe it will be an entirely new genre of drama."

He also discussed his initial reaction upon reading the script, stating that he was intrigued by the concept. "When I read the script, it felt a little strange," he explained. There were several episodes in which I did not appear at all, others in which I appeared in one or two scenes, and still others in which I was the main character. Additionally, as an actor, when I read the sections of the script in which I do not appear, I feel as if I am watching a completely different drama. It's truly magnificent."

In the show, he plays Jung Joon, a ship's captain. He refers to his character as "warm and bright" and states that he felt "healed" while portraying Jung Joon. "It was really nice living as Jung Joon," he continued. When I first saw the script, I thought he bore no resemblance to me. To be completely honest, I wondered, 'Why did they cast me as Jung Joon?' However, after spending time as Jung Joon, he bore a striking resemblance to my appearance at the age of 34. I thought he was a completely different person, but he fit me perfectly, which made the experience both interesting and comfortable."

He continued, "I healed significantly as a result of the script." While my body was exhausted from filming, my mind was ecstatic. I enjoyed the scenes in which I played Jung Joon."

Kim Woo Bin was asked during the interview if he had been asked any strange questions recently. He admitted that he had no idea why people were curious about his MBTI when he was interviewed by Esquire. When he was asked about his type again, he stated, "I don't recall precisely, but I believe I told the company people I was an ESFJ. However, when I retook the test recently on the Internet, I received an INTP result. None of the characteristics overlap, in fact, the opposite is true. I'm curious as to whether it's different each time I take it. However, each time I read the characteristics, I believe it is correct. I, too, am uncertain."

When asked about defining moments in his life, he admitted that his most recent happy moment occurred earlier that day while eating tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes). However, he delved deeper to elaborate on moments he will recall even ten years from now. "Oh, there are so many [memories]," he began. He continued by citing several examples, including "the first day I visited a filming set in five years, the day I returned healthily to the Blue Dragon Film Awards and greeted so many people, the fan meeting, the moment I met my fans after a long time, the moment the clapboard was clapped."

Kim Woo Bin was asked what he would say to himself 20 years from now after reflecting on these memories. "It's been twenty years," he stated. I'm guessing I'm 54 years old. Avoid frivolous concerns and focus on the positive aspects of life. I read somewhere that an elderly person once stated, 'The most regrettable aspect of my life was wasting time worrying about trivial matters.' They stated that the most regrettable aspect was wasting time worrying about events that had not yet occurred. That is not going to happen. Let us not be concerned about events that have not yet occurred. These words continue to run through my mind. While I am capable of worrying about it when the time comes, there are times when my thoughts race ahead of me. As a result, I become stressed..."

After completing his work, he stated that his favorite place to spend time is at home. "Wouldn't it be my home?" he inquired. It's a place where I keep only my most prized possessions." "I'm happiest when I'm at home," he continued.


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