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  • Cole Yoon

Kim Seon Ho's Ex, Exposed By Former Husband: Cheated With 3 Men

And had a sponsor to boot!

YouTube Kim Jin Ho brought out all the receipts! The YouTuber previously hinted that Kim Seon Ho's ex (Choi Young Ah) was not as innocent as she portrayed herself out to be. And here we are, Kim Jin Ho dropped a bahmbbb in his latest video. The video contains first hand accounts from her ex husband explaining why he had divorced Choi Young Ah.

In the video Choi's ex husband can be heard saying that she cheated on him with 3 guys, 2 of them were male prostitutes and one was an old man who turned out to be her sponsor. He further explains that she didn't even have enough respect for her husband at the time, and had done the deed on the couch in their home that they share together. EW.

Also in the video, interestingly enough, the ex husband can be heard saying how Choi liked to play victim when she was the one cheating on him. He explained that she would show up to divorce court proceedings dressed haggardly as if to seem like she was having a difficult time. It wasn't only after her husband had showed the judge evidence of her adultery that he was granted a divorce.

Even then after the divorce was official, Choi had apologized and told him if he would give her 100k usd she would sign the papers to which her husband agreed too, she wrote on her IG how he hurt her and he gave up on their love. Keep in mind SHE was the one cheating!

Playing victim and gaslighting, sound familiar? That is what Choi accused Kim Seon Ho of doing to her. It seems maybe she's been playing all of us for a fool.

Video is below, no ENG sub. The many downvotes is because since he was the first to report on "Actor A" that started this whole fiasco, many are blaming him as well for the wrongful hate toward Kim Seon Ho


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