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  • Cole Yoon

Kim Seon Ho Proves Again, He's Just A Really Really Good Guy

Another story goes viral.

A producer who says he produced veteran singer Park Hye Gyung's comeback song. He says he approached Kim Seon Ho's label about him acting in the MV. When the label asked for a rate outside his budget, he asked if they could lower the rate fully expecting the label to say no. However when the label reached back out to him, they said that Kim Seon Ho said it would be more than an honor for him to be in the singers MV and that he would appear in the MV for free. Although due to the singer's creative decision a different song was picked for a mv and so Kim Seon Ho didn't end up filming, the producer explained how touched he was at the gesture.

Fans are saying how a great guy he is and all are waiting for his return.

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