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  • Haein Kim

Kim Seon Ho IS Mixed Up With The President of Korea?

All this is according to Youtuber 'Sung Jae Hoon'

In a video now marked private, youtuber 'Sung Jae Hoon' made some wild accusations towards the nature of Kim Seon Ho's break up with his Ex GF. In the video, the youtuber claims that Kim Seon Ho was involved unknowingly, with some bad politics with current president. Moon Jae In.

The youtuber released text messages that allegedly show 'Kim Seon Ho, telling a friend that he was involved in something with the president which he thought would be a 'climate change initiative' but had gone bad. He writes to Choi in these alleged text msgs that, she should be careful with taxes and that whatever he was involved in might be exposed any time.

This 'event' that might be exposed is what the youtuber alleges Kim Seon Ho's ex refers to when she wrote that, "He called me a ticking timebomb" in one her messasges.

The youtuber further alleges that 'Kim Seon Ho' broke up with his then GF Choi Young Ah to protect her from him, saying that the actor was afraid she would get hurt if she stayed with him.

This all is too wild, we'll keep you guys updated as they come in! Receipts showing the video was set to private below.


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