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Kim Se Jeong is a fan favorite in the new drama 'A Business Proposal.'

The drama centers on Shin Ha Ri, who arrives at a blind date dressed as a friend. The story begins when she discovers that her blind date is actually her CEO, and he makes her an intriguing proposal. Kim Se Jung portrays Shin Ha Ri in the drama and has already captivated viewers with her incredible acting portraying Ha Ri's imaginative and spunky personality.

Kim Se Jeong has previously been lauded for her outstanding performance in a variety of other works, including 'I Wanna Hear Your Song' and 'The Uncanny Counter.' Nonetheless, Kim Se Jeong has elevated her acting abilities and is garnering widespread admiration from viewers and fans.

"Kim Se Jeong acting is insane, this drama is so funny," one netizen commented. "I've always believed this, but she's so talented as an actress," "Her acting abilities are insane," "She is incredibly endearing in this drama," "She's so amusing, she's so talented," "She possesses an abundance of abilities. I adore her." "She is so adorable that there is nothing she cannot do," "This is amusing," "She is incredible at acting; the situations are too much for her, but she does them so well," "I adore the drama; it is extremely well-made. I adore her acting as well." "She has a resemblance to Emma Stone, lol," "Kim Se Jung portrays herself so realistically that it's mesmerizing to watch her," "Her comic timing is flawless," "The drama is a lot of fun, but her acting elevates it to another level," and "She's incredible; her facial expressions, her tone of voice, everything about her performance is flawless in this drama."


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