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  • Cole Yoon

Kim Jong Kook Calls Youtubers' $1Million Bluff

He wanted smoke; Kim Jong Kook bringing fireworks.

Kim Jong Kook has responded to accusations levied by fellow youtuber and hater, Greg Douchette [Sic] Doucette. KJK wrote

"Hello it's Kim Jong Kook. Didn't think I'd live to be a part of an issue and interesting.. I was going to just laugh it off however as the news picked up this story I couldn't resist having a little fun lol.

As a youtuber just starting off I can't resist the content.. If needed I will take all the test in the world, I just finished taking one test. If there is a test you feel that is more credible let me know. I'm thinking of registering in Korea's pro body building registry to get tested as well but I heard the process isn't as easy.

If a member of Korea's Pro Body Building committee is watching this and would like to show Korea's fitness prowess to the world, please let me take the most stringent test! I guess in Douchette's neck of the woods they need drugs to build muscle but I'll show him that Korean's build muscle like it's nothing, ^^ Don't need the million dollars, I just hope you're ready for the embarrasment."

KJK is known as a health freak due to a ruptured disk, he first started working out to support his back and has now become a world class athlete in his own right as you can see in the video above.


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