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  • Karina Lee



Arang Kim reproduced one of the greatest GIFs in Korea's Olympic history.

On 'You Quiz on the Block', which was broadcast on the night of the 2nd, Kim A-rang was drawn to explain her recent profile picture re-enacting the gif above.

A-Rang Kim turned her head to the profile picture of the Beijing Olympics, which she took while wearing goggles, saying, “I can’t see it.” To their question, “Did you take the same picture as the scene that became a hot topic during the Pyeongchang Olympics?”, Kim A-rang said, “I had no intention of taking a picture in that pose.” “The photographer tried everything, Ask for the gloves,” he said, giving a laugh. Kim explained, “I was hiding only the goggles, but the writer said, ‘Aren’t A-Rang Kim famous for that?’ So in the end, I asked for the goggles, and the picture was the best.”

Jo Se-ho embarrassed Kim A-rang by saying, "There are goggles on set today, incidentally." A-Rang Kim, shyly biting her goggles re-enacted the famous gif.


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