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  • Cole Yoon


Fans are waiting to see her come back.

Actress Kang So-ra flexed her splendid beauty ahead of her comeback.

Kang So-ra posted her women's wear brand pictorial cuts through her own SNS. Kang So-ra, who took her pictorial only 10 months after giving birth, snags your attention with her slender shoulders and slender limbs. Her thorough self-management can be seen from her slender body of Kang So-ra. She is also looking forward to her comeback with an actress visual that she can't believe her hiatus, called Kang So.

Kang So-ra married a 'Traditional Medicine' doctor who is 8 years older than her in 2020, and held her daughter in her arms in April of last year. She is currently considering an offer to appear in Wave's original series 'Can I Be Others'.

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