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She speaks on possible reunion.

Kang Mina, the idol-turned-actress, discussed the possibility of resuming her career as a singer.

Mina sat down for an interview on February 24 KST to discuss wrapping up filming for her KBS2 drama, 'Moonshine.' Mina portrayed Han Ae Jin, the lovely youngest daughter of a noble family, in the drama. Mina was asked about the feedback she received from former Gugudan member Kim Se Jung and other peers on this day. Mina responded, " "I received numerous phone calls following the broadcast of the seventh and eighth episodes of 'Moonshine.' Many of them remarked on how good [the drama] was. Se Jung unnie would call me daily and tell me, 'You're insane, you're so cute,' which gave me a lot of strength." 

When asked about the possibility of Gugudan reuniting or Mina debuting as a solo singer, Mina stated, "I don't believe I can do [activities as a] solo singer." "We (the Gugudan members) are doing our best in our respective roles, and because it has only been a short time since I began walking the path of an actress, I want to concentrate more on and remain committed to acting right now," she continued. Mina then revealed that her role model is actress Park Bo Young. She stated, "As an actress, she is such a cool person, and I looked up several of her projects. 'Oh My Ghost' is one of her projects that I adore. I fell in love with her emotional acting scenes and immediately looked up her previous work."


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