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  • Soo Yeon

'KAI' May Have Just Released The Kpop Song of The Year & SM Has A Problem

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Feels great to be the bad guy.

EXO standout 'Kai' released 'Peaches' today a 6 cut mini album, the artists' second. The single 'Peaches' sets the tone, the dreamy cut is fitting of its' title as his velvet smooth vocals croons sweet everythings. The suggestive lyrics are refreshing as the mature themes befit a veteran musician of his caliber. Never forced, the slightest hints at what's tangible retreats behind the playful chords in the song.

The artist 'KAI' demands reverence reserved for the elite of Kpop's hierarchy. As SM begin to shift its' focus on 'NCT127' projects, 'KAI's talents on 'Peaches' should make the label do a hard double take. This mature and complete version of 'KAI' is so good, like maybe the best album to ever come out of SM good, it would be insane not to follow up with a full album and even 'fuller' promotion run. Whether SM come around to it, we will have to wait and see but 'KAI' just reminded the whole industry that the EXO member is still king at SM.

Peaches MV

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