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  • Juice Shin


Seems like everybody involved with the drama is catching heat.

With JTBC's Snowdrop facing severe backlash, the netizens compared Jung Hae In's recent comments regarding his preparation for the role with A-list actress Kim Tae Ri's comments on how she prepared for a similar role.

Kim Tae Ri who filmed movie '1987' which depicts the same historical events as 'Snowdrop', had done an interview previously regarding her role. In the interview the actress was asked how much of the period (1987) did she know to which she stated, "I didn't know much. Therefore before filming I needed to study. I read a lot about the events, and my uncle lived through the period so I asked him a lot about the time. I also reached out to my sunbaes who lived through that time."

Viewers compared her answers to 'Snowdrop' protagonist Jung Hae In's answer to a similar question.

During an interview he was asked, "Snowdrop takes place in 1987, did you research or study the period for the drama?" to which the actor answered, "I was born in 1988 and Snowdrop is a drama taking place in 1987 which I didn't experience". The actor said rather than studying for the role, "There are a lot of films that talk about that time, however I feel the answer is in the script. If I concentrate on the script (Snowdrop) I can draw out what might have happened. For this drama I relied on the props and costume team a lot, their work is incredible."

Netizens after reading both answers lamented, "How do you not study the period you're filming for", "If he didn't know he should have studied", "He's basically saying he didn't study", "He probably would have been faced with bigger backlash if he said he did study.", amongst other comments praising Kim Tae Ri. Netizens wrote, "Wow there is a difference between the two, Tae Ri is the best", "There is a reason Kim Tae Ri has more respect from peers", and "Kim Tae Ri is by far the more serious actor".


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