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  • Cole Yoon


Remember when JYPE was known for successfully debuting girl groups?

JYPE is having a tough, tough week.

First, their long-anticipated girl group NMIXX debuted to a lukewarm response with many saying their debut single, 'O.O' leaves much to be desired. Second, NMIXX is facing a plagiarizing controversy for copying ATEEZ aesthetics, concept, and universe, and now the label is being criticized for the thumbnail on the group's debut MV.

The thumbnail featuring SULLYOON by her lonesome is being criticized as fans are saying a debut thumbnail should feature the whole group as is custom.

Fans showed examples of other groups' debut thumbnails which featured the group in its entirety.

Netizens commented, "Honestly for their debut MV they should have featured the whole group ㅠ", "Honestly looks like a teaser thumbnail... The picture doesn't show the song's concept or vibe", "I feel bad for the other girls", "You guys only talk about Sullyoon, there are other members too", "Probably because besides Sullyoon there isn't another member that would get a strong response", "Are they playing favorites already?", "JYP doing the same thing they did to Miss A and Suzy".

What do you think, fans are pointing out that BLACKPINK had JENNIE as their lone thumbnail for BOOMBAYAH.


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