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  • Karina Lee


The guy has wit too?!

With his extraordinary wit, BTS Jungkook boasted of his super-popularity, ranking first in the world on Twitter in 80 countries.

On the 18th, Jungkook had time to communicate with fans by hosting 'Ask Anything' on his Instagram story. Jungkook left a question, "What should I do now?" and showed affection for fans by answering various questions from fans for about 2 hours.

On this day, a fan asked a question, "I want to lose weight, but I can't help being hungry. Hey jungkook, how can I bear the hunger?" Jungkook gave a sensible answer, "No tuna," and laughed.

Another said, "My son in middle school is staring at me" to which he replied "Stare at him back", another asked "I'm going to buy hand cream, what scent should I buy? Fruit scent? Musk scent like Junggugi???!!", "To which he replied 'My hometown in 6' which rhymes with the word scent", well played.

Also, to a fan confessing their love "I... love... you" he replied "Why can't you say I love you with confidence!", and when a fan said "Looking in the mirror must be the most fun thing in the world for you", to which the idol replied "I like looking at you more", and when a fan asked "Does Jungkook's feet hurt? Because you're making my heart pace", he replied sweetly, " throbs, I think of ARMY and this always happens",

In addition, to the question of "son.....", he replied "Yes...?", to "Brother..." he replied "Why...", in a hilarious exchange.

Fans commented "Isn't his wit genius?" "Jungkook has good sense" "Jeon Jeongkook is a fan of the ARMYs today as well" "He would have been popular even if Jungkook wasn't a celebrity" "So cute, heart-fluttering and heartbreaking “I feel like I’m dying, and I still can’t recover” among literally what might be a million others.


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