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  • Juice Shin


Life imitates art. The irony should not be lost on anyone.

JTBC announced they will be suing 'malicious' commenters targeting embattled drama 'Snowdrop' in an attempt to silence detractors in an eerily similar, albeit less violent, fashion to the Korean government's silencing of the people's wish for democracy, as depicted in the drama.

On the 30th according to JTBC's legal team, the broadcast network will take legal action to 'protect' the 'rights of their contents'. The legal team alleges that there has been false statements and groundless accusations targeting the drama.

Netizens immediately started a petition on the Blue House Presidential board, the petition writes, "JTBC Drama 'Snowdrop' is attempting to silence detractors", further adding, "They are attempting to stifle the public's right to critique by suing us."

The petition further states, "They are attempting to dismiss the critiques of 360,000 people as false statements." Finally ending with, "Snowdrop claimed it was fiction and that it should be treated as such to evade accountability, then turn around and threaten litigation to censor criticism. Do not let them stifle our right to critique."

'Snowdrop' is a drama set in the backdrop of 1987 Seoul amidst struggle between the Democratic Movement, and the Government's attempts to stifle, censor, and destroy it.

There has been controversy over allegations of historical revision since March when a portion of the synopsis was leaked. Those allegations still stand today.

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