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  • Cole Yoon

Jr High Sexual Assault Victim In Same Class W/ Assailant 7 Months After

The assailant is in the same class as her even as he is awaiting trial.

Pyeong Taek, South Korea Oct 26th, Korean media outlets reported that a middle school female student was sexually assaulted by her classmate 7 months ago. More disturbing is the fact that her assailant is still in the same class as her 7 months later.

Student A reported to her parents that she was molested by her classmate Student B. Her parents notified the police, after an investigation the police decided there was probable cause and the Juvenile Court system filed charges.

One would think the school after learning this would make changes but no steps were taken to separate the students and 7 months later Student A is still in the same class as her assailant. The school has not made comment and the parents are escalating the issue for a resolution.

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