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  • Cole Yoon


Fans are loving Joy more now, than ever before.

With Joy's secret account leaked, all eyes are on her account, her pictures and follower list in particular. Obvious however is the love she has for her fans.

Apart from photos with boyfriend Crush, most of the pictures on Joy's account were actually of presents from fans. Also noteworthy are the fan accounts that she followed. Fans are touched that Joy would share their gifts and support them: fans are thankful that Joy appreciates them.

Fans are also pointing out the fact that she follows Park Myung Soo, saying it's great to see their friendship actually exists off camera.

Usually when a burner account is leaked the celebrity's image is severely compromised. However due to the obvious love she has for her fans, netizens are saying they actually like Joy even more. Fans wrote, "She seems great", "I think she's the first celebrity that people like more since her secret account got leaked. It seems there is a reason why so many other celebrities care for her", "She seems genuinely great and it seems she gets along with people really well", "It's touching that she uploaded fan's presents and followed their accounts", "Joy is really real", "Has there ever been a celebrity who people liked more after their secret account is found?", "She's so pure", among others.

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