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  • Juice Shin


Not a good start.

JTBC's 'Snowdrop' is catching heat for 'rewriting' history as well as Jisoo's acting.

Korean's who watched the first episode claim that the drama is rewriting history and misrepresenting the fight for democracy. The 'Agency For National Security Planning' which are the police Jung Hae In runs from served as the secret police for then president Jun Doo Hwan. They were used to kidnap and murder hundreds if not thousands of pro democratic fighters during the struggle for democracy.

The viewers also expressed discomfort by the drama suggesting that then president Jun Doo Hwan, Kim Dae Joong, and Kim Young Sam had a relationship with North Korea.

Jisoo also couldn't escape criticism. Netizens wrote "her expression is fine but her pronunciation is bad", "Her voice is so annoying", "I can't understand anything". Netizens also wrote that they need to voice their concerns to advertisers like they did with 'Joseon Exorcist'. Joseon Exorcist is a drama that was canceled mid-run due to netizens saying they were rewriting history. Further netizens wrote "They said they would fix the historical issues but this is a joke", "They even closed their live chatroom" among others.

Netizens wrote:

"Even if it's one episode, didn't think it would be this bad. I hope it fails, the drama not Jisoo"

"Her expressions are fine I just can't understand what she's saying"

"Her voice is so annoying... can't understand it... and her expressions... whats wrong with it?

Why does it seem only one half of her face is working? Seriously the other half is crunched up.. ha... no words.. the director who ok'd this is bad"

"Dang... didn't think it would be this bad"


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