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  • Cole Yoon


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Rumors of Jessica's appearance on Chinese entertainment shows are spreading.

Local media in Greater China reported on the 10th that rumors were spreading online that Jessica would appear in the third season of the popular Chinese entertainment program 'Seungpung, Blue, Jerk,'.

'Seungpoong Blue Red Jerk' is a contest program in which female entertainers in their 30s and older compete for the re-debut of a five-member girl group. Fei and Jia from Miss A also appeared, and Hong Kong star Chang Baek-ji joined the entertainment program. .

Jessica's appearance is also attracting attention as most of the Chinese stars who have been rumored to appear in 'Seungpoong Blue Jerk' and 'Appearance Rumors' participated in the actual contest before each season aired. However, it is not known in what capacity Jessica will appear on the program.

Meanwhile, Jessica was sued by a Chinese management company in 2019 in a lawsuit worth 2 billion won for violating her contract. Due to this, it was predicted that Jessica's future activities in China would be impossible in China.

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