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  • Cole Yoon

Jeon HyoSeong Is Facing Backlash

Do you feel it is warranted?

Jeon HyoSung formerly of Secret is facing backlash for a campaign video she filmed in regards to domestic violence. In the video she speaks on the importance of recognizing that domestic violence is not love and that you should always be aware of it. While there were many who thanked her for the video saying she was a role model and that she is helping women by making the video, some weren't too happy. The controversy comes from her last statement in the video saying that when she walks home at night in the dark, she is often scared if she'll make it home safely. Commenters are saying that since she lives in one the most upscale neighborhoods in the world she is over exaggerating and that is ironic for making villains out of men when she had on problem making money off them. Also commenters were saying Korea not being safe is ridiculous and that Korea is one of the safest countries in the world for women.

Many also took issue that she was working with the Ministry of Gender Equality, a controversial branch of government that was formed recently under liberal president Moon Jae In. The department is often criticized by some for being too radical and stoking flames of dissent between the sexes in Korea.

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