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  • Cole Yoon


Star to the stars.

Na PD and his crew paid a visit to YG Entertainment, the home of 'New Journey To The West' cast members Eun Ji Won and WINNER's Song Min Ho, on the February 25 episode of tvN's 'Game Caterers'!

On this day, representatives from all YG Entertainment groups gathered to strengthen family bonds, including Eun Ji Won of Sechskies, Chanhyuk of AKMU, Kim Jin Woo and Song Min Ho of WINNER, Kim Jin Hwan and Song Yun Hyeong of iKON, Jennie of BLACKPINK, and Hyunsuk and Jihoon of TREASURE. 

Each YG artist entered the studio one by one and took their seats in order of debut. "I am awkward with all of my coworkers," Chanhyuk admitted here. 

Following that, when BLACKPINK's Jennie entered, everyone stood and applauded. To inquire, na PD, "Why are so many people getting up? Jennie's position in this group is unknown." Despite debuting later than iKON, Jennie was eventually seated in the group's center.

When Eun Ji Won saw Jennie, he abruptly stated, "This is the first time I'm meeting Jennie in person." Yun Hyeong of iKON also raised his hand and stated, "This is my first meeting with her as well."

Kim Jin Woo, on the other hand, revealed, "I've seen her numerous times." Jennie continued, "I've known Jin Woo longer than anyone else here," noting that the two were the group's first trainees at YGE in 2010. Jennie then elicited laughter by joking about Song Min Ho "This one arrived much later, and as a result, I only recall Jin Woo oppa from my trainee days. I don't recall seeing this one."

It was obvious who demanded the most respect in the room. Watch below to see for yourself.


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