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  • Mary Kim


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Jaechan of DONGKIZ is allegedly a school bully.

Jaechan was recently accused on Twitter of severe school bullying. A netizen asserted "Park Jae Chan, who portrayed Choo Sang Woo in Semantic Error, was a school bully. Since elementary school, he has targeted only female classmates. He used his group of bullies to antagonize other students, and he smoked in the classroom. You are aware of the truth prior to liking him." and added his elementary and middle school graduation photos. 

Additionally, he stated, "He used to complain about idol fans being pitiful and disparaged all male idols until he became one of the trainees in ninth grade. As a result, we used to say that the label is unconcerned about the past ."

Other internet users responded to A's tweets, confirming A's assertions. Internet user B responded, "He was the group's most infamous bully. Anyone who attended the same middle school would be familiar with this. There are numerous anecdotes to support his heinous acts. His pastime was to alternately bully one of his juniors." 

Jaechan has been embroiled in controversy involving school bullying before. When he made his debut as a member of DONGKIZ in 2019, an anonymous netizen accused him of school bullying "He had a trashy demeanor. He continued to update his social media accounts with photos of him meeting new girls even after he was hired as a trainee. He failed to graduate from high school."


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