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  • Karina Lee


IZONE forever!

Netizens are ecstatic for former IZ*ONE member Honda Hitomi, who was recently chosen to play the lead role in AKB48's 59th single!

AKB48 announced the 20 promoting members for their 59th single on February 22, which will be released on May 18. Additionally, the announcement revealed that Honda Hitomi will serve as the single's lead vocalist!

Netizens worldwide were overjoyed to learn the news, as Hitomi previously expressed her desire to one day lead AKB48 as a center member after rejoining the team.

Korean internet users also congratulated Hitomi via online communities, writing,

"Hii-chan, congratulations. I hope the song is good TT."

"Hii-chan, I'm so proud of you, TT."

"On 'Produce,' Hii-chan was my sole selection! I wish her the best of luck!"

"Hitomi is a tireless worker throughout TT."

"I'm hoping Hitomi does an excellent job. It'd be nice to see Nako promoted in AKB as well, TT."

"I'm glad to hear you're having a good time over there, Hitomi TT. Please, be cheerful!"

"There's also Nanami and Erii! I'm experiencing a wave of nostalgia..."

"She should have immediately earned the center position upon her return to TT."

"I congratulate Hii-chan, as well as Nanami and Erii!"


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