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  • Cole Yoon


Are the criticisms fair?

A clip uploaded on December 4th is only now circling, showing Jang Won Young from a Music Bank episode that aired on the 3rd. In the clip it shows the singer being the only one not to twirl her hair. This is causing some netizens to claim that Jang is lazy and isn't ready to be a star.

Netizens on youtube claimed 'That kind of choreo should be done correctly if you're center", "She doesn't deserve to be center", "As much as she improved singing I wish she danced diligently too", "She stands out for being lazy" and "Being pretty is important but still dance".

Some netizens defended the dancer saying "I think it's because her hair will get messed up", "She has a lot of schedules and she has never faced controversy over her dancing before, don't judge just cause she had one bad performance".

Take a look at the clip below, what do you think is the controvery warranted?

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