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  • Cole Yoon

IVE's Ahn YuJin Faces Another Controversy, Told Jennie Does It Better

"I get what they are trying to do but Jennie and Blackpink just does it better"

IVE is facing another controversy since their debut. The controversy stems from leader Ahn Yujin's bra top. Viewers expressed their discomfort with her wearing the top since she is a minor. Not only did viewers express their concerns about Yujin wearing the top, but the whole concept was ridiculed saying that Yujin's double belt outfit was 'corny'.

What is worst a fan posted, "this is the look they were going for but Jennie and Blackpink just does it better". YIKES.

Fans are complaining that Starship was making the group look bad as this is the second controversy the group is facing since debuting two days ago. Starship will have to get their act together for the group to reach their full potential. Many fans expect IVE to be in the running vs ITZY, AESPA, Baby Monster, JYPE's and HYBE's girl groups for 4th generation supremacy.

IVE made their long awaited debut this week with 'ELEVEN'. The girls have already faced backlash for their greeting being too similar to EVERGLOW's.

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