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She got her own.

IU sent a pleasant warning to Jay Park's SNS (social network service). When the soju brand 'Wonsoju' launched by Jay Park said that they would give IU, a competing soju brand CF model, 'Wonsoju' as a gift,

Jay Park released the first and second teasers for his new song 'GANADARA' through his SNS on the 10th and 11th.

The first teaser contains a scene in which Jay Park calls IU directly and asks for a feature and a music video shoot.

In the second teaser, Jay Park was taken aback when IU, who was scheduled to appear in the music video, did not appear on set.

With the teaser video, Jay Park expressed his despair, saying, "It's ruined." To this, the SNS for 'Won Soju', reached out to IU via IG and wrote, "Please come, IU. I'll give you 100 bottles of Won Soju."

However, Jay Park wrote to 'Won Soju's' IG writing to chill out, saying, "IU is Chamisul's model. Don't cross the line. Send me the bottles instead."

IU also left a sensible reply writing playfully, "Please refrain from such provocative remarks, sincerely from Chamisul's model, IU." IU served as Chamisul's exclusive model for 5 years from 2014 to 2018. In March 2020, after a year and two months of her absence, she was selected again as a model, and she is still working on her CF activities to this day.

Netizens are pouring out reactions to the funny chemistry between IU and Jay Park. In the comment window, posts such as "It's really funny", "A dew fairy has appeared", "The two are so cute" were posted.

On the other hand, the new song 'Ganadara' is the first single released by Jay Park after establishing a new agency, MORE VISION. It will be available on all online music sites starting at 6 pm on the 11th.


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